Case study: Engineering, construction & infrastructure

Strategy review for a global engineering firm

The Problem: Multi-Sector Strategy Review

A leading global professional services firm needed to develop its strategy across a number of sectors and geographies globally. It wanted to expand existing business areas and move into new ones. In doing this, it also had to consider the potential of conflict with existing client relationships and risk to future revenue.

Where the sectors were new, the client wanted to identify potential entry options, including organic and acquisitive routes. For the latter, it wanted a shortlist of suitable companies.

Our Approach: Market Research and Management Interaction

Our work across markets was split into two parts. We first developed a comprehensive, detailed, bottom-up fact base on each market through a combination of primary and secondary research. Where appropriate, we also worked with management to capture their market understanding. We used this fact base to establish the attractiveness of each market and the potential options for growth.

In the second phase, we worked with management to develop these potential growth options further. Where acquisition was an option, we used a filter process to work from a long-list of potential targets to a short-list that matched the client's criteria across a number of areas.

The Result: Prioritised Markets and Acquisition Targets

Based on the work we completed, the client was able to develop a coherent strategy across the markets we reviewed. This included it prioritising the markets it wanted to invest further in.

In each market, we also agreed a prioritised short-list of around five acquisition targets to pursue.


Nick Daley
Nick has extensive strategy consulting experience in the Business and Support Services space, with particular expertise in buildings and infrastructure services, energy services and the broader outsourcing market.
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